Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Friday, 29 July 2011

VoIP - A small business dream or the road to ruin?

VoIP – A small business dream or the road to ruin?

Ok I only have to type the word VoIP into Google before I receive hundreds of thousands of sites telling me they are the cheapest bestest most amazing thing to happen to telecoms since Alexander Graham Bell popped onto the scene back in 1847.

But what is the reality?

I am a small business owner who relies on my phone line as one of the biggest foundations of my business. If my phone doesn’t ring I have no business. It really is as simple as that. Now VoIP does get my cost conscious juices flowing… the call prices are just so competitive that I certainly do not want to be missing out on a good thing but at the same time I don’t want to be stuck with some shoddy solution that annoys my clients and ultimately costs me money.

So here’s what I have decided to do.

As a cost optimiser I owe it to my clients to ensure they have the most cost effective solution but at the same time no compromises on efficiency.
After much deliberation I have decided to test run this mystical ‘VoIP’ and run it parallel with my current fixed landlines.
After much research I have ordered the Snom 320, I have been assured by the trusty sales chappy ‘It’s the best in the business love… you can’t go wrong…’ Well we shall just see about that!

Watch this space…

I will be reporting back my findings and let you know how my VoIP experience is unraveling. In the meantime please feel free to comment on your own personal experiences…or give me a call!

Samantha Rycraft
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What Is Cost Optimisation?

What is Cost Optimisation?

Cost optimisation is the process of finding the most cost effective solution under given constraints. Constraints might include an operating budget or a required level of performance. But enough of the dictionary definitions, aside from being one of those trendy sounding middle management expressions, to the small business owner it equates to: Am I spending too much?

Cost optimisation differs from cost-cutting in that cost cutting is a drastic operation which is designed to protect the business from failure. Cost cutting is bad news, it involves redundancies, reduced services and closure of premises often with detrimental side effects. Cost cutting is for lumbering dinosaurs with a declining revenue base that need to trim overspending in order to survive.

A cost optimisation program has a different objective. Cost optimisation is about cutting overheads without affecting the performance or structure of the business. It demonstrates that you are savvy and with the times…  not heading for the exit! Cost optimisation is not about closing outlets, it’s about getting a really super deal for stuff that you’re going to buy anyway. Cost optimisation is a life style choice not a military exercise. During the next downturn your business will lock in super cheap rates with all your suppliers while your competitors start to squirm.

Types of Over Spender.... which one are you?

The old woman who lived in a shoe – had so many suppliers she didn’t know what to do. This cost her a small fortune because bookkeeping and auditing all those invoices was expensive, not to mention a waste of time.  Also there is no need to get your broadband, VOIP and telephone line all from different suppliers when you can bundle them up and get a better deal.

Mr. Premium – loves to buy the best of everything, and pays for it. Company cars on expensive finance deals, large, expensive city centre offices. Handmade soap in the bathroom. This guy even has his accountant doing his bookkeeping.

The Squatter – reluctant to move. “I’ve used the same hot beverage technician for years! He’s part of the family.” Yes, we understand, but then surely he should be giving you a really great price. Cost optimisation is about getting the best price without disrupting your business, so if that means staying with the same supplier then so be it.

The Cheapskate –  Q. When does thrifty become stingy? A. When it starts to cost you money. That old server is costing you hundreds every month in maintenance. A new solution along with a monthly service contract could save you thousands each year and cover all your IT support for the whole network.

The Shopaholic – the salesman’s dream. The classic over spender buys stuff they just don’t need.  Fax machine paper? Really, they still make that stuff? All your staff need a laptop? Couriers instead of stamps! Why has everyone been issued with a brand new pair of designer scissors?

Signs you need your business overheads optimised......

Do I really need to ring my charming lawyer to ask that question? Surely someone could tell me the answer for free. The law, after all, is no big secret.
Why am I paying an accountant to fill in these forms every month? What are they anyway? Can one of my employees do it instead?
These graphic design bills are huge. How can it cost that much to design a logo?
Why is this year’s insurance so much more than last year’s?  I haven’t made a claim for decades.
My phone company keeps ringing me and telling me they have better deals on offer. Why do they keep pestering me when I’m trying to work?
My goodness! Look at the price of petrol. I wish I could get a bulk discount for the amount of fuel I buy.

How much is too much? What should I be spending?

Get one of our whizz-kid cost optimisation experts in to help and before you know it you’ll have deals so good it’ll make your competitors green with envy. Imagine having someone at your disposal that spends every day of the year looking for the best deals on offer to business customers. Even better we won’t charge you a penny unless we actually save you money, that would just be silly. 

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Affiliate Marketing For Small Companies - A Waste of Money?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

We all know in the current financial crisis that small to medium sized businesses have been abused. 
If it isn't fuel prices eating into profit margins, its having to downsize or shut up shop altogether through lost contracts clients going under etc etc.
It's relentless! 
Now as business owners we want to do everything in our power to protect and preserve our companies. 
I have read countless blogs and forums recommending 'affiliate marketing'. Now I think I may have been asleep for the last 8 years, as it seems affiliate marketing has taken the world by storm and anyone who's anyone is involved. From IBM to Microsoft - Google to ASDA there is a real 'in crowd' feel and if your a small company the fees from some of the larger named groups will have you crying into your soup. So I wonder... 

What is all the hype about? 

On closer inspection it appears to be a way of paying a large sum of money to an 'affiliate platform,' who in turn puts you on a humongous list of other 'merchants.' The 'affiliates' then get to pick and choose which companies they want to market and they choose the ones that will pay them the most commission etc for referrals.
Now I'm no rocket scientist, but I did go to school and after investigating this further there is a whiff of playground terror in the air. Imagine a huge line up of 1000 of the most athletic kids the country has to offer and 1000 average Joes... All have paid a whopping £5000 to play the game... which kids are the team captains going to choose first? What happens to the average Joes? They are left watching the game from the sideline - out of pocket and out of luck.
On the outside affiliate marketing seems like a dream come true for small business, but the reality is you are up against the worlds' biggest players and could be left on the shelf. 

So what is the solution?

Here at Belmore Finance we specialise in cost optimisation for small business. If you feel that you are spending too much money on any service we can and will get it cheaper. Our service is free and we only take a small percentage of the savings we actually make you.
For more information drop us an email today to see how we can help your business - not rip you off.

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